best picture gin and tonicWhat could be more English than a Gin & Tonic.  This British cooler is my favourite but after a long stay in Barcelona I found out that the Spanish also make a great Gin & Tonic. The basics are the same but they add their twist by adding slices of Valencia Oranges and colourful red ruby oranges.  Their taste is amazing and they look wonderful.

So what do we need to make a great Gin & Tonic Spanish style …

  • We need large balloon glasses and they should be chilled.
  • Your favourite Gin.  Today there are wonderfully inventive gins on the market as well as the well known brands.  Whatever you use, don’t swamp it in tonic.
  • Large cubes of ice if possible, but if you only have small ones, make sure you pack them tightly so they won’t melt too fast.
  • As for the tonic, today there are a great  number in the market as well.  You should pick your favourite tonic the same way as you pick your favourite gin.  The quantity of tonic you use depends how strong is the Gin and how strong you want your drink.
  • My Spanish Gin & Tonic opts for generous wedges of lemons, oranges, and red ruby oranges.


Salud To All My Blog Viewers And HAPPY NEW YEAR 2017






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