DSCN4334Cheese is wonderful on its own but sometimes pairing it with both nuts, raisins and honey makes the cheese delicious.  With the availability of many types of cheese it can be difficult to choose which ones are a match to what.

Here are some of my favourites.

Port Salut with golden raisins marinated in sweet white wine or Port

Marinate 1/2  cup raising in 2 tablespoons of sweet white wine or Port overnight.

Next day, drain the juice and mix the raising with 3 tablespoons of honey.

Drizzle over the cheese slices using a spoon and serve.

Manchego with walnuts and honey

Roast the walnuts for 3 minutes in the oven at 180C.

Once the walnuts are cold, chop them into small pieces.

Mix the walnuts with 3 tablespoons of honey.

Drizzle over the cheese slices using a spoon and serve.

Blue cheeses like Roquefort, Gorgonzola or Stilton with pecans and honey

Roast 1/2 cup pecans in the oven at 180C for 3 minutes.

Once they are cold, chop the pecans into small pieces.

Mix the pecans with 3 tablespoons of honey.  Drizzle over the cheese slices with a spoon and serve.




–  I  used Acacia honey because it is delicate, mild and has a beautiful clear colour but you can experiment with other honey flavours.





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