DSCN1731This recipe is a very fresh, and very easy way to drink Pastis. I just visited Florida and Cantaloupes were in season, I adore this fruit because of its rich orange colour and sweetness.  So I made a mini version of a Daiquiri with Pastis.


3 cups chopped ripe cantaloupe

1/2 cup Pastis liqueur (Pernod or Ricard) or more if you want more Pastis flavour.


1- Peel and seed the cantaloupe.  Chop into large chunks.  Place in the freezer for 10 to 20 minutes (do not freeze completely)

2- In a blender place the cantaloupe pieces with Pastis and process them until smooth, thick and frothy.

3- Chill until ready to serve. Before serving use a spoon and stir well.

4- Serve in ice-cold small glasses with thinly sliced cantaloupe and basil leaves for decoration.


– Make a large batch in a blender.

– I like to use small glasses because Cantaloupe puree can be a bit heavy. Small glass makes the perfect shot.


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